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Food fundas for new mothers
Posted by Editorial Team, November 24, 2014

Food funda

What with your tiny tot being the center of attention, daily chores, running around and holding fort on the maid’s day off, you often cannot recall whether you have even had lunch!

Mothers, don’t you stuff your mouth with anything you can find on the kitchen table? Uh oh, that’s not good news for a new mom, working tirelessly 24/7. Don’t you do that to yourself momma! Feed yourself well and watch how you glow with health, with your adorable munchkin in tow.

All you need is something easy, quick and tasty – but healthy.

Healthy must-haves:

Fresh veggies, juicy fruits, energy boosters like meat, lentils and beans, whole wheat and dairy products.

We’ve got some awesome food ideas with these must-haves:

Quick Meals

Healthy lasagna:

You swoon over the delicious lasagna shown on TV and wish you could get it for lunch? Well, you certainly can. Yummy as it looks, lasagna is easy to make too.

Whisk a tomato puree, thaw the frozen chicken, chop fresh spinach and get ready. No lasagna sheets? Use wheat phulkas instead for layering the delicious goodness.

White sauce can be replaced by salad dressing or light mayonnaise. Assemble all these with generous layers of cheese in between.

While your oven is baking a lip-smacking dish, use that hour to feed, burp and rock your baby to sleep!

Spaghetti n kebabs:

Got leftover kebabs? Bring out the spaghetti and stir up a quick tomato-garlic sauce. Portion the kebabs into bite-sized pieces and toss with the spaghetti in olive oil. Top with sauce and cheese and we are sure you will slurp up the spaghetti in no time!

Crunchy salad meal:

How about a light crunchy meal? Assemble all your favorite crunchy veggies into a Greek salad. Crumble feta cheese or add diced paneer on top.

Got yesterday’s chole masala? Blend it with olive oil turning it into soft hummus and voila, you have a dressing that packs a punch.

Enjoy the salad with pita crisps; if not, just microwave those healthy ragi papads to complete this interesting meal!

Soup meal:

Nothing is as heart-warming as a thick lentil soup. Pressure-cook the lentils, along with your favorite spices and herbs. Don’t worry if you forget to switch off the gas on time – the longer it cooks, the mushier it is. Yum! Toast slices of whole wheat bread and settle on the sofa to savor a delicious, wholesome meal.

Sweet cravings

Fruit sheera:

Bored of eating the same sweet semolina sheera? Make things interesting by adding little pieces of pineapple or thick mango pulp. Don’t forget to add a drop of ghee on top! A bowl of warm fruity sheera will wipe off all your worries!

Guilt-free smoothie

Crave something sweet to drink? Ditch that soda and bring out the bottle of peanut butter; blend it with milk or yogurt, and a banana. This guilt-free smoothie makes for an instant energy recharge on a busy day.

Fruit custard

Bring out all the fruits you have and chop them as you cook the instant custard. Is custard too difficult? Why not use good ol’ kesar shrikhand? Mix the fruits and shrikhand in a bowl and let it chill in the fridge till you do the laundry.

Go on, relish a blessed bowl of sweetness.

Each of these meal ideas has essential foods that will enrich your newly ‘mommified’ self with abundant health.