Food fails and their fixes
Posted by Editorial Team, April 9, 2015

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Too much salt in the curry? Or your hands smell too much of garlic? Is spilling of milk a common scene in your kitchen?


We tend to make silly mistakes while in the kitchen and panic for no reason!


Well, we are here to help you solve these problems once and for all! Here are some fixes for the food fails that often happen while cooking whether or not you are an expert cook.


1. Got your hands stained while adding bright yellow turmeric to your curry? Just dip your hands in warm water mixed with lemon juice. Rubbing lemon on your hands helps too. Or simply massage on coconut oil and the stains will disappear gradually.


2. If your curry or soup is too salty, a big potato might just come to your rescue! Simply chop the potato into big cubes and pop it in the curry. The potato will act like a sponge to absorb the excess salt in the dish. Let the curry cook for some time and then remove the potato. Your dish will have the perfect amount of salt now. Carrots, too, help the same way.


3. If you went overboard with the chili and are frowning at the extra spicy dish, simply adding a little honey or sugar will cut down the fire. Lemon juice, tomato juice, chopped pineapple, vinegar etc. can also bring down the spice levels of an extremely fiery dish.


4. To get rid of the nasty onion or garlic smell on your hands you can:

  • Rub hands on a stainless steel spoon or utensil under running tap water
  • Rub salt or baking soda on your hands
  • Use a drop of toothpaste or mouthwash on your hands and then rinse the smell away with water


5. Accidentally broke an egg with pieces of eggshell still in it? Just wet your hands and watch the shells come out instantly as you pick them.


6. Can’t figure out how to keep boiling milk from spilling on the kitchen platform? Pop in a spoon big enough to peep out of the milk vessel, while it boils. Rest assured that the spoon won’t let the milk spill!


7. Too much sugar in your dish? Adding fats like butter, ghee or olive oil can lessen the sugary taste. Or else a dash of vinegar or a squeeze of lemon will do the trick!


8. You ended up cooking the vegetables too mushy? Make an instant soup out of it by just blending them in the mixer.


9. If the curry looks too runny, make a paste of cornstarch or arrowroot with water and add it to thicken the curry.


10. If the rice appears to be a bit sticky, put it in a strainer and run it under cool water, separating the rice grains with your fingers. Let the water drain and the rice will dry out eventually.


11. Wondering whether the eggs lying in your fridge are stale or fresh or semi-fresh? Take the water test! Place the egg in a bowl of water. If it:

  • Lies at the bottom of the bowl on its side, it is fresh
  • If it lies at the bottom, but stands upright, it is still fresh enough to be eaten soon or consumed hard boiled
  • If it floats to the top, the egg is stale


Simple food fails in the kitchen have simple fixes too! List these fixes on your kitchen cupboard or fridge. They sure will come handy in a cooking disaster!