Family Meal Ideas
Posted by Editorial Team, February 12, 2015




The long weekend is here! Your sister, brother-in law, their kids or your parents are likely to have dropped in for a fun family get together! Having zeroed in on the movie schedule, the shopping trips and the gossip, you are wondering what you can cook for the big family meal…


Wonder no more. We have some fabulous family meal ideas:


The Global Lunch:

Your well-travelled nephews and nieces will love this international lunch spread. And for a change, the adults will relish it too!


BBQ tava veggies:

Tava fry colorful vegetables with spices and add a zing of BBQ sauce! This lip-smacking starter will be everyone’s favorite.


Cheesy Pakoras:

Pakoras are easy-to-make starters. Make your regular pakoras extra special by adding cheese, spices and vegetable shreds. Fry these crispy brown and watch them disappear in minutes!


Chicken tandoori with salad:

Make smoking hot tandoori chicken in the oven or on a lined skillet over gas. Make it healthy with a fresh chopped salad on the side. The family will love having juicy chicken bites with crunchy salad.


Paneer Schezwan noodles:

Spicy hot noodles are most relished among Indians. Treat your family to saucy Schezwan noodles with juicy paneer chunks added to it.


Basmati rice salad:

This chilled rice salad is sure to have many fans! Refrigerate cooked Fortune basmati rice and stir in colorful, finely chopped salad veggies. Mix in coconut milk, lemon juice and curry powder. Refrigerate a big bowl of the salad and let your family delight in the treat.

A strawberry cheesecake can round off the delicious global meal deal!


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‘Desi’ dinner:

Who doesn’t love asli Indian khana? Koi doubt hai?


Vegetable balti:

We truly love our curries! What better than a thick creamy vegetable balti? Literally, a bucket of goodness with curried vegetables cooked in warm Indian spices and creamy dahi.


Bajra rotis:

Bajra rotis are among the tastiest and healthiest unleavened breads to go with the vegetable balti this winter. Easy to make, bajra rotis will keep people asking for more.


Potato tamarind salad:

This lip-smacking salad will add an interesting twist to dinner. The tangy baby potato salad with tamarind sauce and curd cannot fail to impress guests.


Paneer biryani:


P.C: Honest Cooking

A delicious paneer biryani is the best bet for a typical Indian meal. Spicy paneer cooked in fragrant Fortune basmati rice can easily be the highlight of the dinner.

Creamy phirni served in little earthen bowls makes for a perfect dessert at the end of this delicious dinner.


Fusion Brunch:

A fusion brunch is sure to entertain everyone in the family – whether they are early birds or late lateefs!


Chili paneer:

We bet this is one fusion starter nobody can resist. Deep-fried juicy paneer squares coated in spicy Chinese chili sauce are simply yum.


Tandoori mushrooms:

Cream cheese and garlic filled mushrooms are delicious eats that can be made within minutes. Tandoor-grill these soft, stuffed mushrooms and serve as appetizers.


Lemongrass tomato shorba:

Everybody loves a tomato shorba! What if we infuse lightly fragrant lemongrass in it? The results will leave your family delighted with the discovery of a new flavor.


Dal makhni and garlic bread:

Our traditional, creamy dal makhni can be relished with crunchy garlic bread slice to rise above traditional fare and make your taste buds go crazy.


Kebab pulao:

We love our spicy aloo kebabs! Add bite sized kebabs to fragrant vegetable pulao and let your family eat their hearts out!


Now, how about having serving golden jalebi topped with chocolate sauce for dessert?


Quick Fun Meal:

Planning a home screening of the latest action thriller? We have quick meal ideas for the family.


Tikki paneer pizza:


P.C: Pikachakula

Bake thin crust pizzas with chunks of spicy aloo tikki and paneer as toppings. Go crazy with cheese and watch everyone drool over these quirky pizza slices.


Potato kulchas and salsa:

Stuffed potato kulchas with tangy, spicy tomato salsa will be a great treat for all. Warm kulchas with the juicy accompaniment will create excitement at the table!


Palak dal khichdi:

Who doesn’t love dal khichdi? Make a quick dal khichdi for everyone, adding spicy palak, to serve everyone a heart-warming dish. Perfect to cosy up for a movie with a bowlful!


Be it the desi dinner, a quick meal or the global lunch treat, we are sure these meal ideas are enough to entertain one and all.


Go indulge this long weekend!