Exciting diet ideas
Posted by Editorial Team, November 24, 2014


‘Diet’ and ‘exciting’? Do these words even go together?

We think yes.

Diet food needn’t mean boring bland meals, chewy salads and tasteless snacks. It can be interesting, fun and tasty. Did we forget to say healthy?

Here are some diet ideas to trick your tummy into eating healthy:

Healthy slurps:

Just back from a high-energy run? With that beautiful flush on your face, all you need is a healthy drink that reinforces your energy.


  • Power smoothie: Whisk a lip-smacking smoothie, without worrying about calories. Blend in chunks of banana with almond milk and add some low-cal peanut butter. Voila, you have a super healthy smoothie to kick start your day.

  • Refreshing juice: Make the perfect breakfast juice by adding chunks of apple and pineapple to the juicer with some fresh mint leaves. A couple of lemon drops and a cleansing magic potion is ready!


Soups are great appetizers that keep you full for a long time.


  • Chicken noodle soup: A healthy chicken noodle soup is satisfying and warm. A spiced stock, with boiled chicken chunks added, helps soak noodles. Ensure you use egg or oat noodles to keep it healthy. Adding some veggies can up the nutrition.

  • Cabbage soup: This soup is surprisingly filling and tasty. Use vegetable broth, onions, tomatoes and light spices with shredded cabbage. Adding any soft beans will help thicken texture.


Easy to create, salads represent healthy eating.


  • Egg rice salad: Healthy brown rice tastes good with chunks of boiled eggs. Adding fresh par-boiled green beans, lettuce, lemon and pepper will create a perfect salad for a busy day.

  • Couscous salad: This light salad is perfect for quick snacking. Add shredded blanched spinach, grated beet and baby tomatoes to cooked couscous. Lemon drops and pepper sprinkles are enough to make a tasty salad bowl.


Meals should be wholesome, tasty and fun.


  • Banana walnut oatmeal: If you are looking for a light, sweet meal, this simple cooked oatmeal does justice to your taste buds. Add banana and maple syrup along with berries of your choice. Sprinkle powdered cinnamon to excite your taste buds!

  • Cheelas: Need something exciting and spicy for a meal? Spicy moong cheelas are the best option! Stuff these healthy moong dal pancake wraps with juliennes of fresh lettuce, beet, carrots, and feta cheese. Spice it up with coriander chutney and chaat masala.


Everyone has sweet cravings, even dieters!


  • Yogurt parfait: Sounds like an exotic dessert? It does, but it’s super easy and healthy too! Assemble a parfait in a tall glass with home made whipped yogurt, fresh fruit chunks, nuts, berries, puffed rice cereal or murmura, and maple syrup or honey. Repeat the layers and chill before gulping it down!

  • Dark sinful pops: Low cal peanut butter, milk, dark chocolate chips and oat flakes are all you need. Stir this mixture on low heat till the chocolate melts; turn into balls that taste absolutely stunning after freezing. If you like, pierce with pop-sticks for a dessert-on-the-go.

Eat your heart out, and diet too!