Eating right for healthy beautiful skin
Posted by Editorial Team, March 2, 2014


As the old saying goes, ‘You are what you eat’. The food we eat determines our health, hair, skin and general fitness as well. Minerals, vitamins, calcium, etc. found abundantly in healthy food, fruits and vegetables work in a way that directly affects our skin.

For generations people have been spending a major chunk of their wealth on beauty skincare products that can be applied on the spot and are expected to behave miraculously. The result might be positive temporarily but a problem free, glowing and healthy skin can only be had ifyour diet is rich with nutrients and minerals.

There are certain pigments present lavishly in fruits and vegetables that provide them their red colour. The intake of these pigments, prevents us from getting sunburnt and protects us from ultraviolet rays. In the long run, eating healthy and having a lot of fresh fruits and leafy veggies slow down the process of ageing of the skin.

Fruits and vegetables are not the only miracle foods that give you a glowing skin, luscious and thick hair; water is another gift to mankind. Having a good amount of water everyday cleanses our system, which in turn gives us a clear and problem free skin.

So, cut down on the junk add a few of those natural fruits and veggies for a happy skin. Having junk food may not necessarily cause acne and a bad skin but excess of it will definitely be to blame as and when any negative changes are noticed in the skin. Hence, go easy on that pizza and cheeseburger. Go to a fresh fruit market this time instead.

Some food items that are amazingly good for skin are listed here. Consider these to be gifts from nature. Consuming these in moderation will pretty much take care of a lot of our health issues. And did we mention? Works like a wonder for a healthy and glowing skin.

Citrus fruits, broccoli, guavas, red and hot chilli peppers, papaya, orange, Kiwi fruits and all Vitamin C containing fruits and veggies keep the skin smooth as they purify the system from within, keeping it problem free from the roots.

Almonds works wonders when it comes to skin. Easy and convenient to carry, eat and readily available. Vitamin E in almonds are known to give skin a clear and smoother feel, better complexion and reduces sunburns.

Including tomatoes in any form in your diet helps combat spots, blemishes, gives skin an overall smoother and consistent look, and balances out the antioxidant situation of the skin. Fortunately, tomatoes taste good and are flexible to be put in a lot of dishes and salads.

Rice bran oil has been known as the beauty secret of East Asian women, and of Japanese, Korean women in particular. In these parts of the world, the oil not only used in cooking but also applied directly to the skin. Squalene found in rice bran oil is an organic compound also naturally produced by human skin. It acts as a moisturizing lubricant which gives the skin a soft, smooth, velvety appearance. Gamma oryzanol and vitamin E in rice bran oil also reduce tissue oxidation which slows down ageing of skin resulting in beautiful healthy skin texture and complexion.

Green leafy veggies might not sound or look attractive but that is the exact opposite of what they do to our skin and hair. A person with beautiful skin and healthy hair will mostly be the one who includes a good proportion of green leafy vegetables in their diet. Make it a habit and you will never find yourself complaining about your skin ever again.