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Discover the Magic of Mustard Oil
Posted by Editorial Team, December 13, 2014

5 dec


The molten gold liquid with a sharp pungent smell takes you back to your childhood when your naani and her kitchen smelt like love and warm sarson ka tel! ‘Kacchi ghani ka tel’, or cold pressed oil like Fortune’s mustard oil, is revered in most Indian households for its amazing taste, and health benefits. High quality mustard oil – either filtered or cold pressed – offers a fine balance between good health and good taste. Traditionally used in Indian homes to ward off everything from bitter cold and joint pains to fungus and insects, it’s best loved in the form of a variety of delectable pickles and curries. What benefits does mustard oil offer?

Health benefits

Extracted from tiny flavorful seeds, mustard oil is known to:

  • Lower the risk of cancer
  • Stimulate digestion and the circulatory system
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Fight bacterial, fungus and inflammation

Nutritional value

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, mustard oil contains essential saturated and trans fats. Low in sodium, this oil with ‘good fat’ is the best bet for winters.

Mustard oil brightens the kitchen

Mustard oil has been sidelined in the Indian kitchen in recent times. But ask your grandma about it and she will go gaga over this delicious yellow oil. Why not reinstate good old mustard oil in your modern kitchen with these interesting dishes? Here are some awesome recipe ideas:


The chana aam achaar (chickpea mango pickle) is an interesting condiment that lights up a boring lunch. The raw tangy mango and spice-infused chickpeas taste great when pickled in mustard oil. An instant carrot – cucumber pickle with a dash of green chilies and lemon tastes great when made with warm mustard oil.


Macher kalia, a typical Bengali fish curry known for the generous use of mustard oil, is a heart-warming fish delicacy perfect for your foodie soul. Spicy tangy chicken vindaloo is an exotic Goan dish that swears by the use of mustard seeds and oil.

Deep fry

The best option for deep-frying, mustard oil lends its edgy taste to fried starters.

Dressings and chutneys

Mustard oil is the new flavor that’s perking up salads. The oil is used in small amounts with white vinegar to give salads a sharp, zingy taste. Make a garlic – carrot chutney with mustard oil. A perfect combination of distinct and surprising flavors, the chutney will be an instant hit. In all this, don’t forget to look for quality. Many of the benefits of this magical oil depend upon its process of extraction. Too much heat can destroy nutrients and nullify benefits. The Fortune Pure Mustard Oil, for instance, is carefully extracted in a kacchi ghani and packaged to retain its nutrients, exquisite flavor and health–enhancing properties. Fortune Filtered Mustard Oil is processed with care to deliver precious fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol, among other benefits. Go on, eat your way to good health – so, are we cooking Macher Kalia for dinner?