Creative Food Art with your Kids
Posted by Editorial Team, February 12, 2015



Kids love to be at the kitchen table. Get their creative minds working by experimenting with innovative food art. We suggest five food art ideas that your child will have fun creating.


1) Banana Penguins:


P.C: The Columbian Blogs

Create your own South Pole with cute little penguins right in a plate!

You’ll need: Small peeled and frozen bananas, whipped cream, Gems candies, melted chocolate.

For the snow, spread fluffy whipped cream all over the base of the plate.

To create penguins, halve the frozen bananas horizontally, while they are still hard. Dip the bananas into the melted chocolate so that it covers half of the head and the back of the penguin. Apply a little over the feet area too. Use the candies as legs and pointy beaks. Use white candies drawing black dots with chocolate sauce in the center as eyes. Create as many as penguins you need and let them stand happily over the whipped cream snow!


2)Idli Rabbits:

Easy to prepare, creating brown-white idli rabbits is a fun activity!

You’ll need: Thin idlis, cheese slices, cherries, peanut butter, baby carrots

To create the rabbit’s head, you will need a medium sized thin idli- smeared with peanut butter over half the circle. Assemble the head in a plate by cutting elongated leaf shaped slices of cheese and placing them as the rabbit’s ears. Use little cherries cut into halves as eyes and a whole one as its nose. Cut thin long slices of cheese for its whiskers. Place the whiskers starting from the cherry nose and leading outwards. For the body, get a bigger idli and place it right below the head. Spread peanut butter all over the body. For the tail, cut out a small round from an idli and place it below the body. Place the baby carrots alongside.

Voila! This little bunny rabbit looks good enough to eat!


3) The Aquarium Tray:

How fascinating it would be to bring a beautiful aquarium to life… on a tray!

You’ll need: A medium sized tray – preferably plain blue or any other dark color; strawberries, oranges, black olives or black grapes, lettuce leaves, carrots and green peas.

For the sea background, cut lettuce leaves in thin long stripes and carrots into small dices. Assemble shelled peas and carrot dices all over the bottom of the tray – creating underwater pebbles. Place lettuce strips randomly above the ‘pebbles’- creating aquatic plants floating in the sea.

Once the background is done, help your child with the fish!

You can create two different kinds of fishes with oranges and strawberries. Slice the fruits vertically: oranges into rounds and the strawberries into triangles. Now assemble the fishes: To create the body of the orange fish, place the round orange slice as the fish’s body and use strawberry triangles to create fins and a tail. For the strawberry fish, place the strawberry triangles over one another (like fish scales) to creating a fish shape. Create fins and tails using sliced oranges. Create eyes with round sliced olives.

Create as many fishes as you like and do not forget to give them air bubbles with little olives or grapes!


4) Noodle Nest!


P.C: Food Network


Help your kid create a sweet little nest with baby birds chirping inside!

You’ll need cooked noodles, boiled eggs, carrots, chopped coriander, black olives, mayonnaise.

Assemble the spaghetti nest by mixing in chopped coriander with the noodles and creating a nest like form by arranging the noodles in a round pattern, keeping free space in the center.

Create baby birds with the help of boiled eggs. Boil eggs and cut into halves. Scoop out the yellow part and mix in mayo, creating a thick creamy mixture. Use this mixture to fill in the egg halves again. Use the other halves to place lightly as caps over the yellow filling, making sure to keep the yellow filling visible. Create pointy beaks with sharp carrot pieces and little olive squares as eyes on the yellow part.

We are sure your kids won’t allow anyone to eat this cute masterpiece.


5) Bread Train:


P.C: Reddit


Imagine a cute chugging train which your little one will love creating and devouring!

You will need: Bread slices, cheese slices, cucumber rounds, popcorn, chocolate sauce.


Get a medium sized tray and draw railway tracks by squeezing chocolate sauce from a paper cone. Place two bread slices over each other to create train-like compartments behind one another. Cut cheese slices into small squares and place along the sides of the bread them as windows for each compartment. Create wheels by adding cucumber circles all over the bottom of the slices. Place a long slice of cucumber cut lengthwise over the first train compartment to create the steam chimney and create smoke clouds by placing popcorn emerging from the chimney.


With a little help, parents can bring out the creativity in their kids and create such lovely food art! So what is your kid planning to make this weekend?  

  • Shikha Mittal