Birthday Party Starters
Posted by Editorial Team, December 26, 2014


Planning a birthday party for your munchkin? It’s going be quite a riot with all the little people jumping around food, excitedly!

The key to hosting a hassle-free children’s party is to offer fuss-free and kid-friendly food. We sure can’t picture these little ones seated in one place, gorging on malai paneer, naan and biryani, right?

Thus, an array of starters is the best option for a kids’ party, where children can fill their tummies while enjoying a high-energy party.


Here are some awesome birthday starters that the baccha party will love having!



Pizzettes are smaller, cuter versions of pizzas that taste the same, but look interesting. Cookie-sized pizzas are easy to bite into. Kids love the cheesy circles topped with shredded vegetables and sauces.

Toast pizzas can be an alternative to the pizzettes. Assemble the pizza toppings on a slice of bread and make sure it is crispy enough!


Tangy sweet potato fries

Kids absolutely love fries! Make some tangy fries from sweet potatoes, that are not too sticky but crispy. Place these fries in a big bucket along with bowls of cold mayo or hummus. Leave the rest to the kids.


Aloo cheese tikkis

Potato and cheese go well together and are a favorite among the kids. Small circular tikkis with a soft gooey filling and a crisp covering are a good option. Make sure you do not make it spicy; serve with tomato ketchup and green chutney.


Mini burgers

Burgers are an all-time fave and super easy to make. Pick up little burger buns to go with veggie patties. Line with cheese spread, mayo and ketchup to make a saucy, juicy snack.

In case you do not find little buns, just cut a regular one in half; ditto for the patties.


Mac n cheese muffins

Doesn't it sound yum already? Kids swear by mac and cheese and love muffins too. How about getting them together? Mac n cheese muffins are crispy and soft-gooey at the same time. Bake batches of these muffins and just watch how they are finished off in seconds!


There has to be a sweet angle to the food platter when kids are involved.

Here are some awesome starters that are sweet and yum.


Fruit canapés

Easy to make, fruit canapés look colorful and interesting. Fill little canapé shells with vanilla pudding and top with chunks of assorted fruits. The crunchy base and soft, tangy and sweet filling will excite the kids for sure.


Iced biscuits

Iced biscuits look dainty and are a whole lot of fun to make. Use colorful icing layers and sprinklers on the biscuits and innovate with designs and shapes. Serve these sweet treats chilled.



Chocolate cupcakes or plain vanilla cupcakes with creamy peanut butter frosting make for a heavenly treat. Warm cupcakes with creamy toppings are a sheer delight.


Enough treats for those lovable little devils? Present these lip-smacking eats and watch how those excited kids gobble up everything in a jiffy!