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10 Super Foods for the Modern Woman
Posted by Editorial Team, October 31, 2014



The woman of today is always on the go! She juggles between home, work, kids, shopping, socializing and a host of other things. She is the ultimate multi-tasker. So does she have special needs? Sure, she does – but typically overlooks them.


In fact a working woman is known to neglect herself the most. Between managing her busy lifestyle, erratic work schedules, deadlines, raising children and  looking after the family,  she barely has time to eat or even, eat healthy!


This usually results in  hasty meals, binge eating and impulsive food consumption. The consequences? Poor nutrition, obesity, flab, fatigue and more. Fortunately there are a number of super foods for today’s superwoman…



What are some foods that she can incorporate in her super-busy lifestyle to stay super healthy? Read on:



An important source of calcium, milk and milk products contain essential Vitamin D and phosphorous. These nutrients are critical for a woman’s body for maintaining strong bones, keeping osteoporosis at bay. They also provide relief from hormonal imbalance.



The bright red fruit contains lycopene, which lowers the risk of breast cancer. Rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber, tomatoes have also been known to also reduce the risk of heart disease.



Figs are the ultimate mood lifters for women! Yes, you heard that right, figs lower cholesterol, boost serotonin and prevent water retention. High in dietary fiber, figs help control weight and prevent breast cancer.



The super food for women, oats are rich in Vitamin B6, help control blood pressure levels, improve the immune system and are a great antioxidant. To up the fiber quotient, add some fresh fruits to the oatmeal and your gut will be more than happy!



The Omega 3 fatty acids and iron content helps keep heart diseases at bay, while providing essential iron to the body. Not only does it help alleviate depression, but salmon consumed by a pregnant woman helps boost the baby’s intelligence.



Walnuts are the most essential of all nuts for women. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytosterols, walnuts are known to lower the risk of breast cancer and improve bone health, while controlling arthritis pain and depression.



Women are eight times more at risk of developing urinary tract infections than men. Cranberries help in reducing the risk of such infections while also lowering risk of heart disease and breast cancer.



Spinach is rich in Vitamins A, B2, C and K, and in minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron and calcium. It fights anemia, promotes bone health and its high magnesium content helps reduce PMS symptoms, controlling the swelling, bloating and unbalanced weight gain. It’s best steamed lightly and cooked with Vitamin C-rich foods like tomatoes to improve absorption of iron.



Beets are the magic food that dramatically control blood pressure levels, and also help prevent hypertension, cancer and inflammation. They also provide energizing nutrients post exercise.



Use of this spice in everyday food helps control inflammation, arthritis, digestive problems and Alzheimer’s disease.


Today's woman must grapple with physical, mental and environmental challenges at work and at home. Including these 10 magic foods in the diet will add power to a packed day – day after day!

Bon Appetit!