About us
Fortune is India’s No.1 cooking oil brand.

Brand Fortune was launched in the year 2000. Within just 22 months of its inception, it shot to the No. 1 edible oil brand status which it comfortably holds even to this day. [Source: Nielsen Retail ROCP Index Report - MAT Oct 2016]

Brand Fortune has evolved over the years. It has reached a stage in its journey where it no longer stands just for functional and qualitative superiority. Brand Fortune celebrates relationships and at the heart of the brand is the role it plays in fulfilling the inherent need of today's home-maker: to bring her time-strapped family together for a delicious meal. Fortune is the enabler of this tasty and healthy meal that binds her family together. It helps the home-maker balance the conflicting demands for taste and health by her family.
It all started when we introduced and pioneered 'soybean oil' in India. It was a game changer for the brand because it was riding the nascent wave of health consciousness among Indian consumers. In fact, this move was perhaps a catalyst for the health movement because for the first time, the Indian middle-class housewife could afford 'healthy' cooking oil for everyday use.

The brand was re-positioned in 2009 when it moved to the platform of 'the joy of eating with loved ones' and the entire brand packaging was also revamped.
In 2012, Fortune Rice Bran Health was launched, an offering far superior to the leading brands in the premium health oil category but sold at a very accessible price point. It was introduced in the space of being preventive rather than curative.The next big development for Fortune Foods was the transformation from just a cooking oil brand to a 'cooking ingredient' brand with the launch of Fortune Besan and Fortune Soya Chunks. Another flagship product range is the diverse array of Fortune Basmati Rice.
With the rising prevalence of diabetes, Fortune Foods felt the need to introduce a healthy companion into the kitchens of India in 2016 - Fortune VIVO Diabetes-Care Oil. Whether you are diabetic, at risk, or simply health-conscious, the smart choice for the entire family is this diabetic-friendly oil.

Today, Fortune is a brand that celebrates the joy of home-cooked food.